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Welcome to the Littlehampton Flood Action Group

The residents of Rope Walk, on Littlehamptons West Bank of the River Arun, often suffer flooding from abnormally high tides and groundwater which is subsequently forced up as a result of them; the tide goes down quickly….. but not so the groundwater.

Littlehampton Flood Action Group in conjunction with Littlehampton Civic Society successfully applied for a grant from Santander UK to provide flood relief products for Rope Walk. This grant has bought 72 households special FLOOD SAKS, to be used in place of heavy sandbags (a great boon for some of the older Residents) which have been distributed among the home owners most likely to benefit in an emergency.

With the balance of the grant the Rope Walk Flood Action Group was bought: 2 x Clarke PW3 3 inch petrol driven water pumps, capable of moving 800 litres a minute, 4 x 10metre layflat hoses and 2 x Barton Storage flatbed trolleys to which they are secured. A separate purchase were 2 x 8 metre Flood Defence Tubes, which can be inflated by the pumps, to divert water flow away from the estate entrances.

Testing was arrange for Wednesday morning, the 17th February (in a bitterly cold wind).Both pumps were tested and their use explained to a group of residents, local workers, businessmen and members of the Flood Group and Civic Society.

Testing and advice as to care and operation was carried out by Ian Paine, Watch Manager, Littlehampton Fire Station and the crew of B Watch and with input from Lee Street, Deputy District Commander East Arun.

The firemen made a temporary lagoon to fill with mains water, which each little pump was seen to be emptying faster than the inflow. The two pumps together would clear quite a body of water in a relatively short time. It was an impressive display for these small portable units, especially as the outlet hose had to go over a wall of about a metre and a half to get to the river.

Under the guidance of resident Simon Gibson as many local people as possible will be trained to maintain, handle and operate the equipment, which will be kept easily accessible at Rope Walk, in premises provided by local Business Man and supporter of flood work on the West Bank Robert Boyce of Osborne of Arun Group Mgt Ltd.

With a very high tide to come within 4 weeks this may just have been a timely presentation.

If there are any flood groups in similar circumstances we would say that it is worth applying for a small grant as we did; how small? Well one pump and 2 hoses can cost less than three hundred pounds.

Littlehampton Flood Action Group

Operation Watershed funds awarded to Littlehampton Community Groups 

Two community groups have been awarded a total of £29,560 from year two of WSCC Operation Watershed Active Communities Fund for local community projects. 

The projects identified by the community groups support residents and businesses that have experienced flooding in Rope Walk, River Road and South Terrace. As well as expanding on last year’s Borehole project, working with WSCC as the Local Lead Flood Authority to understand how ground water affects communities in Littlehampton.

WSCC Councillor Ian Buckland said “ Flooding is an issue for Littlehampton and this money will go to support locally identified projects that are a real priority, through the Littlehampton Flood Action Group and now the newly formed Rope Walk Flood Action Group. Working with WSCC on understanding issues such as ground water and surface water flooding will help to inform activities for the future”

Councillor Buckland added “ Operation Watershed is an excellent example of how WSCC are Helping Communities to Help Themselves”

Quote from Littlehampton Flood Action Group:

The Littlehampton Flood Action Group are very grateful to WSCC for these Operation Watershed project grants, which are for specialist labour and materials. We will be managing the in collaboration with our local authorities and agencies.  A number of homes will benefit from small works to prevent the water damage they have experienced in recent years reoccurring.

We will also be able to add more three more Boreholes to those we are already using to monitor groundwater levels, a serious problem along many parts of the coastal plain. We haven’t yet settled on the three sites so any concerned homeowners are asked to get in touch to discuss suitability.

For information please visit Littlehampton-floodaction.org.uk or email floodaction@yahoo.co.uk

Our location

We cover the Littlehampton area from the West Bank, Wick and into Rustington.


Introduction to Littlehampton
Flood Action Group

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About us

The Group was formed in 2013 after a talk given to the Littlehampton Civic Society by Heather Shepherd of the National Flood Forum, who had helped and supported the local people affected by the flooding in 2012. We are all local, unpaid volunteers; most have experience of being flooded. We have become keenly aware that the changes in climate and the amount of building taking place are raising the risk and frequency of localised flood damage.

Our core group

We are a small, local group of chairman, secretaries, treasurer and committee that can keep in touch and meet easily as and when required. Our core group has a constitution, on the National Flood Forum model, and separate bank account. We host public events from time to time to raise flood awareness, and attend local events to distribute and gather information, assist residents and attract volunteers. With help from the National Flood Forum we host Multi Agencies Meetings at which your local concerns are either addressed or responsibility is accepted for reporting at subsequent meetings. We will be working alongside WSCC's (emergency) Resilience Team.

Our affiliations.

  • We are affiliated to the National Flood Forum with who we are in frequent contact.
  • There are a number of Flood Groups along the coastal plain we are in touch with.
  • West Sussex County Council, as the local Lead Flood Authority, includes us in their Resilience Team, as community contacts and support when there is an emergency.

Our volunteer base

These are the good people who have recorded with us as being willing to help in a number of ways on a regular or occasional basis (such as those on the OUR AIMS page). We are happy to talk with anybody who feels there is something they can contribute to our self help network.


Flood images

Littlehampton Flood Action Group

Littlehampton Flood Action Group

Why we flood

This area suffers from three kinds of flooding, caused by:

  • Surface Water: Heavy or prolonged rainfall into damaged, blocked or insufficient drains. When drains do get overwhelmed contamination by sewage will usually be an extra hazard.
  • Ground Water: Local geology permits ground water to accumulate all over the area and this comes up regularly in some basements but could occur almost anywhere.
  • Tidal Surges: high spring tides in adverse weather can result in flooding the area surrounding the harbour, especially bad for West Bank residents.



Click here for images of the last flooding to affect the area.

A historical record of problems related to flooding might help planning committee meetings and prevent flooding in the future