Our Aims


To promote flood awareness so homes that are at risk are identified and can quickly get whatever help or advice is needed.

To provide a contact point for anyone with a flood related concern or problem.

To build a network of local self help volunteers, to act as Flood Watchers or Flood Wardens or Flood Buddies, reporting flood hazards and supporting and assisting those affected in flooded areas.

  • Flood Watchers are people who look for blocked drains as they go about and will go out in bad weather to note any build up of flooding on our roads and report it to the Highways Department. We provide them with support and information.
  • Flood Wardens are being recruited and trained for us by the National Flood Forum to do a variety of tasks, including assisting the emergency services and  supporting vulnerable people in their locality.
  • Flood Buddies are those who may be able to offer assistance in an emergency to a temporarily displaced flood victim. This could be a room for the night, putting up a pet for a while, right down to a cup of tea and an ear. Our core group keep a list of these volunteers and will ask them to keep in touch.

To work with our local authorities and utilities on your concerns over anything that might increase the risks of flood damage, from a single blocked drain to the effect of new developments.

To put together enough local knowledge to enable us to help our residents, and the emergency services, in times of flooding or flood warning.

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Littlehampton Flood Action Group

Littlehampton Flood Action Group



Click here for images of the last flooding to affect the area.

A historical record of problems related to flooding might help planning committee meetings and prevent flooding in the future