Flood Watcher's report Friday 17th January 2014 and Monday 20th April 2014.


Maxwell Road/East Ham Road – corner

Each time it rains this gets bigger and bigger soon people will not be able to cross road

Terminus Road/Howard Road – corner

On route to Station, people with pushchairs have to go into road or get wet feet; this is major path to the Station

Arundel Road opposite St James’ Church
On major 700 bus route many people use the pavement and get wet, blocked drain

Civic Centre both sides of the road
I am surprised ADC Workers and Councillors have not had something done to this it is both sides of the road and is getting worse. Not a good example set by ADC

Nelson Pub, road to the side down to houses and garages – drain blocked water running into back garden of guest house

Beach Road in front of Nightingale Nursing Home
Large puddle forming no help to people crossing the road

South Terrace in front of no 20
Small road that becomes impassable, if there is more run off from Norfolk Gardens it will flood basements in this part. This could be as bad as the terrible flooring in the main South Terrace; it is an accident waiting to happen, especially if Sea Road, Norfolk Terrace and Norfolk Gardens Tennis Courts unload at the same time

Norfolk Road near entrance to Norfolk Gardens, where the travellers gained entrance to the Green.

Sea Road North Side (The Green) opposite Norfolk Gardens Golf Course

Sea Road corner with Sea Lane Rustington, on the east side

Sea Road corner with Sea Lane Rustington, on the west side, this is usually up to the middle line, but buses and lorries had just been past and splashed water onto the green

Sea Road left-hand-side near Norfolk Gardens going towards Rustington Sea Road left-hand-side corner before turn into Station Road, Rustington Station Road near bus stop and opposite Church and entrance to Parkway, the Chap on the right got very wet after next photo

Station Road near Preston Paddock

Westergate House – The Willows opposite Orchard corner

Roundstone Crescent nos 23-19 both sides

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A historical record of problems related to flooding might help planning committee meetings and prevent flooding in the future