Be Prepared


We recommend that you do some basic preparation which will help not only in case of flooding but other emergencies as well. As you do so please think too about your near neighbours, relatives, friends, and any vulnerable person you know.

Find out if your home could be at risk from water from high tides, rising river level, heavy rains, blocked drains or other cause.

Sign up for the free flood warnings from the Environment Agency.

Make a Personal Emergency Plan, a list of things to grab if told to evacuate and another list of phone numbers you might need to contact

If you are likely to need special help coping with the emergency we will record your needs, in full confidence, and arrange for you to be contacted if a flood warning should arise.

The other pages in this section are to help you protect yourselves and your property (as much as you can) but please contact us if you have any questions.



Click here for images of the last flooding to affect the area.

A historical record of problems related to flooding might help planning committee meetings and prevent flooding in the future