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Start up grant

Our initial group funding has come from an Operation Watershed grant via West Sussex County Council. This is helping us to hire premises for meetings, to cover some printing and promotion costs and go some way to setting up this website.


A second Operation Watershed grant has been received which is to cover some training and equipment, again via WSCC, to prepare volunteers to assist the county's Emergency Resilience Team. This is due to start in the autumn, National Flood Forum would like to hear from local organisations who may be able to offer volunteers.


Another Operation Watershed grant received is to provide for the drilling and monitoring of one or two boreholes in areas in Littlehampton where homeowners often have to pump out groundwater from basements. The Flood Group will be doing the monitoring on behalf of WSCC and we hope to learn (a) whether there is any tidal influence on levels and (b) whether levels are rising enough to need Council's attention. Quotations from two contractors are due in and we hope to commission the work this summer. If successful, this project might be expanded later.

Update October 2014

On Friday 10th October we had 3 boreholes drilled behind homes in Littlehampton, financed by an Operation Watershed grant from West Sussex County Council. We, ourselves, be monitoring and recording the groundwater levels at these sites using a dip meter already bought with the grant.

By recording the rainfall and tide levels at the same time we should learn the effect they have on groundwater which will help the homeowners to cope better with their situation.

If we are able to have some more boreholes dug in area at risk we could then provide data for use in considering future infrastructure and development. Suggestions for other sites welcomed.

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Sinking a borehole Sinking a borehole, showing the very limited space needed for the project


Click here for images of the last flooding to affect the area.

A historical record of problems related to flooding might help planning committee meetings and prevent flooding in the future