Local Research



We are ourselves doing research into local conditions, developments and flooding history, but we mostly depend on people coming to us with their personal experience, or knowledge, of:

  • homes that can be flooded,
  • basements that frequently have water in them
  • drains that become blocked or damaged
  • surface water damage arising from new building
  • people who will need extra help in time of flood alert
  • flooding history of our area
  • roads that flood readily in heavy rains
  • local organisations we can work with in emergencies

This information is used to:

(a) advise the local authorities of anything causing concern and to assist with emergencies

(b) advise on home protection

(c) try to arrange for help on an almost street by street basis by volunteers.

Anything you can tell us, or help us to find out, about any of these concerns will be most valuable so please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you.



Click here for images of the last flooding to affect the area.

A historical record of problems related to flooding might help planning committee meetings and prevent flooding in the future