Ongoing Projects and Activities


To give you some idea of what we doing, or will be doing, here is a list of the sort of things that need to be done to try and achieve our aims.

We hasten to add that no one is engaged on this even part time, only as and when they are available, so we are always ready to welcome any new offers of help.

  • Recruit, train, organise and keep contact with Flood Watchers.
  • Recruit, train, equip and keep contact with Flood Wardens.
  • Recruit record and keep contact with volunteers of emergency help.
  • Liaise with county flood, and other community groups.
  • Liaise with agency officers, the National Flood Forum and our residents.
  • Monitor, maintain and update website on a regular basis.
  • Promote and advertise the Flood Group.
  • Keep flood, drainage and flood risk maps.
  • Research our flood history.
  • Obtain or design literature specific to our area.


All of which enables us to advise, or put you in touch with advice, on flood related matters.

If you have a particular concern that requires a home visit we may well be able to arrange for a member to call on you.



Click here for images of the last flooding to affect the area.

A historical record of problems related to flooding might help planning committee meetings and prevent flooding in the future